Dongguan Dongrong Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Dongrong Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese silicone product manufacturer incepted in 2004. We specialize in silicone customization with a wide catalogue that covers thousands of products, ranging from rubber digital accessories, kitchenware, crafts, to industrial accessories. Whatever you need, give us your drawings or samples and Dongrong will make it for you.

Dongrong is a major Chinese silicone product manufacturer with over 10 years of industry experience. We are professionals in the processing of high quality silicone products, providing customers with silicone product design, product molding development, and mass production of general silicone products.

At Dongrong, all of our products are made using food-grade silicone, which holds an SGS inspection report certificate. We also place a high priority on silicone product innovation and model development.

Customized silicone cases

Dongrong provides customers with a diverse selection of silicone products, including solid and liquid silicone products with dimensions varying between 1mm to 600mm. Contact Dongrong today and we can provide you with various customized silicone products that completely meet your needs in size, color and model of the products.

Design model

If you are looking for custom silicone products, you can either provide us with 3D drawings, samples or give us ideas for a product model. As we have professional design software, including PORE, UG, Edrawing, CAD, AI and 5-6 experienced designers and engineers in this field, we are well equipped at making 3D design drawings. Dongrong can meet your needs on silicone products, from the product appearance to the product structure.

Mold development

Dongrong has eight CNC automatic lathes for producing high-precision molds made from copper, aluminum and high-quality P20 or 718H steel. With 13 years of experience in the design and production of silicone products, we have completed over 1, 000 models and more than 2, 000 silicone products with the completion of a model design within 3-5 days and the mass production of product model within 7-10 days.

Raw material

Dongrong is very careful when it comes to sourcing the silicone gel materials used in the production of our products. All of the silicone gels that are brought into our factory have been certified by the FDA with their food-grade certificate. The materials are inspected for their ingredients, durability, and environmental impact.

Manufacturing Capacity

As we all know, silicone is showing growing popularity and application almost everywhere in our daily life, for its excellent performance in insulation, heat and shock resistance, and environmental protection. Dongrong is here to offer the most comprehensive silicone customization solution and service.

In our factory spanning over 10000m2, we have 5 manufacturing workshops, full range of production lines, 8 CNC engraving machines, 22 advanced rubber dispensing lines, and more than 30 molding machines with varied specifications. The monthly production capacity reaches 8 million PCS. We have the ability of developing and producing molds independently.

Today, Dongrong has established several branches in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We have registered 4 brands and applied for dozens of patents. We are now making efforts to apply Internet Technology to our production activity for added value and better user experience.

We are professional silicone/PVC products manufacturer in China Mainland with around 15 years′ experience. We are able to make most of the silicone and PVC products. Our products pass FLGB, FDA, RoHS and BPA free test. We will show you the test reports if you want that.

For more information, please kindly check our products list and our website: Www.Crsilicon.COM.And warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime.

Looking forward to working together with you in the future.